Announcing PAPI News!

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Greetings!  This is a test post for our newsletter “PAPI News” coming soon!  We’re still in the planning stages for this newsletter which will officially commence in January 2017…it’s where we’ll share information regarding upcoming events and other PAPI news for all our members!  We hope you’ll find it informative.  So while I’m testing things out, I thought I’d make the first post all about a new workshop planned in January 2017.

WINTER 2016-2017
The winter months can be tough on a plein air painter…but not with the local Boise area PAPI members who often meet most Wednesdays during the winter at Edward’s Greenhouse, 4106 Sand Street Creek in Boise Idaho.  Why not join us!  Also of note, our own PAPI artist Mark Davis will be holding a workshop January 21st @ Edwards Greenhouse.  This workshop is for members and non-members for the low low price of $40.  Space is limited.  To sign up go to 

How To Stay Informed!

In the old days we had to call each other…or rely on the US mail to communicate (which was even slower)…well, not any more!!!  With the advancement of cellphones and social media we can now communicate in several ways.  We don’t want any member to miss out on all the things going on with PAPI, so here’s a little reminder of three common platforms:

We’re on the PAPI website of course at: where you’ll find a lot of information about our organization, it’s members and how to join or renew your membership as well as a listing of upcoming Events, member images and links to their websites/emails/blogs etc.  This is also where this newsletter “PAPI NEWS!” will reside.   You will be able to receive PAPI NEWS! by email or by visiting the PAPI website.

As a friendly reminder, we are also on Facebook (so find us and “Join”, we’re listed as Plein Air Painters Of Idaho – PAPI.  Once you’ve joined, feel free to post what’s going on with you and your painting endeavors, we LOVE to share and encourage one another!!!!

PAPI is also on the site we use for scheduling impromptu paintouts in your area (currently mostly used by the Boise area artists).  This is a useful site to RSVP your intention to join or decline an invitation to join a group of fellow artists… will also send you a friendly email reminder as the event you are attending draws near.  Consider joining Meetup to see what PAPI events are coming up!

And, stay tuned for more newsletters to come (to be submitted by Bonnie Griffith) as we enter into the 2017 New Year!!!!

Happy Holidays!

-Cindy Gillett