Workshop on the Baltic Coast – Antonin and Anastasia Passemard

Estonia will be our next adventure if you wish to join us!
If you are interested, please sign up as soon as possible.  An additional trip to St. Petersburg, Russia and the Hermitage is available but will require Visas, additional travel and lodging expenses, and different travel arrangements.
The workshop in Estonia on the Baltic coast will be July 13-20, 2018.
This workshop will be located in Toila. It is a village on the Baltic coast with beaches, fisherman’s port, forest, park and rivers. The village is easily accessible by bus from the international ariport of Tallin (TALL – airport symbol).

Where to stay: Here is the link to the hotel

Where to eat: Their is a restaurant in the hotel
There is also a gocery store approximately 5 minutes (by foot) from the hotel.
Cost: $1,000/per person
The Baltic Coast workshop fee is $1,000. This fee is only for the painting workshop itself and does not include the cost of travel, lodging or meals.  The trip to St. Petersburg will add its own expenses.  Once Antonin sees interest for that portion of the workshop more details will follow.