Tricia May

Tricia May_SELF_664x798Nature is what inspires me and I love the outdoors! So, it was natural for me to combine this with my passion for painting. Working en plein air is both exhilarating and challenging. It puts me right in the moment. Time is short and the light changes rapidly. The information has to be edited quickly in order to find the essence of the place, not the details. I can look at each painting I have done outside and instantly recall the place, who I was with, the sounds and smells, like a visual diary. Occasionally one of these smaller works inspires a larger painting done in my studio.

Even if the painting doesn’t work out, the time spent is valuable. Back in my studio where conditions remain constant, I am reminded to look past the obvious and to paint only what is important. For more information regarding my work and Gallery representation, please visit my web-site.

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