Tina Cole

Tina Cole_SELF_0415 403x640Much of my work derives from a continuous journal system that I have kept over the past forty years. These are portable sketch books used as “my camera” that I have carried all over the world with me on various adventures and explorations as well as in the mountains of Idaho and rivers of the West where I live. They are drawing and watercolor documentations of the cultures and worlds I have visited. Most of my exhibited watercolors were all done in the field or from field sketches and paintings done throughout the years.

I am a long time resident of the Wood River Valley and graduate of the University of Washington, School of Art in Seattle, Washington. I have maintained over forty years of working journals from my travels to Nepal, Peru, Mongolia, Europe, the Grand Canyon in Arizona and my home in Idaho.

Contact Information:
Tina Cole
PO Box 1508
Sun Valley, ID 83353
Personal Email: tinamatt@mac.com
Personal Website: None

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