Paula Ryan

Paula Ryan_SELF_photo 1 260x423Coloring on walls as a little girl was Paula’s path to her own Secret Garden, her venture down the rabbit hole, making sense of sensibilities. She longed to express ideas visually, and creating art— evolving pigments into pictures– is magical. Bringing Paula’s inner vision to life on canvas validated ideas, and gave a sense of accomplishment. So Paula began drawing and painting.

Paula says, “While painting, I explore expressing different moods as they relate to my inspirations and ideas about shape and value. Land formations fascinate me, especially Idaho’s diversity—from rugged mountain peaks, to grasslands, to rushing rivers, and serene lakes. The same beauty may be coaxed from everyday objects—a vase of flowers, a piece of fruit. I want to delve into their assorted hues with my palette.” Paula’s work is inspired by books she has read, people she has met, and places she has lived or visited. All introduce new ways of seeing the world. She enjoys combining scientific knowledge into the mix of imagination, seeing the world as it could be.

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