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Laurie Asahara_SELF 430x599Distinguished Signature Member of the Idaho Watercolor Society, Plein Air Painters of Idaho

I was raised on the Big Island of Hawaii and grew up within the vivid floral palette of the lush tropics. My art reflects my impressions of the areas of the western United States where I have recently lived: Hawaii, the desert southwest, Northern California, Washington State, and Idaho. Having been a floral painter for many years, I took an interest in portrait painting and now capture the diverse collection of personalities I find here in the west.

My first love is watercolor, which I find to be wonderfully expressive and versatile. The transparent quality of this medium makes it ideal for layering paint into luminous washes and creating stunning depth of color. Rendering the interplay of sunlight, shadow, and reflected light with transparent pigments creates a captivating dimensionality on the surface of the paper. In my paintings, I want to share my interpretation of natural forms and the visual excitement I find there. I strive to make my work grab the viewer’s attention right from the first glance. Manipulating abstract shapes within organic forms to steer the viewer’s eyes around a piece, I lead them through the composition via the interplay of shape, color, light, and shadow.

I live in Eagle, Idaho, where I also work in oil, acrylic, and gouache and enjoy taking my easel outdoors to paint plein air. While I have a great passion for portraiture, I also produce award winning landscapes, floral, and wildlife paintings in oil and acrylic. My work has been featured in Watercolor Artist Magazine, garnering First Place and Honorable Mention for two winning portraits in their Watermedia Showcase Online Competition. My award-winning work can be found in both corporate and personal collections. I regularly teach workshops in Idaho and have acted as juror for the Fine Arts Exhibition at the Western Idaho State Fair. I had an earlier career as a practicing attorney, but now devote full time to my art.
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