Karen Jacobsen

Karen Jacobsen_SELF_DDPA_kj-2_1000x1156Karen Jacobsen has a keen eye for capturing the subtle to austere beauty her subjects, both small and large. Jacobsen attended University of California earning BA in Fine Arts and a graduate degree in Science Communication. Whether traveling the world working with research expeditions as scientific illustrator, or painting landscapes as a member of the Plein Air Painters of Idaho, she loves being out in nature and observing the world with a painter’s eye.

“Observing nature is witnessing the spirit of energy as it converts from one form to another. These exchanges are moments of discovery for me, creating sparks of inspiration. Painting from life challenges me to channel and distill this energy into my art. These ever changing aspects captivate me, and influence my imagination and interpretation of the finite aspects of our world, and ultimately of myself”. Karen

Personal Email: feefifauxkj@aol.com

Personal Website: karenjacobsenfineart.com/development-and-method.html


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