Jany Rae Seda

I paint what I see – landscape, urban structures, animals and cowboys.   My intent is to present painterly brushstrokes to capture these wonderful views.   I loosely hold my brush, reveling in drips and liquid nature of paint mixed in with heavy mediums.   I start with loose layers of lines, reworking layers until there is a sense of balance and harmony.

My studio is open when not traveling throughout the west for shows, where I paint 7 days a week getting lost in the paint.   Each year I paint and sell over 200 watercolors and more than 125 oils.   I have won numerous awards out of state, most recently I was the Idaho BLM artist in residence.

Artist Email:  janyrseda@gmail.com

Artist Website: www.janyrseda.com

Seda Studio:  514 South 14th Street, Boise, Idaho  83702

Phone: 208-590-1321

Facebook:  Jany Rae Seda

2-The Old Mine Shaft, oil, 32x72 1-The Old Hotel, oil, 30x30 3-Mother and Son, oil, 24x24 5- On The Fence, oil, 36x72
4-Headed Out, oil, 48x30