Gertrude Hudson

600_438813999Gertrude Hudson was born in 1930, in the house her father built, in the small prairie town of Raymond, Alberta, Canada, where she experienced long severe winters and hot carefree summers, which were punctuated by spectacular thunder and lightning storms. Growing up she loved to go out in the storm, the sun, the snow, and enjoy weather’s many moods. She still loves a good storm, and her paintings reflect her great love of nature.

Gertrude graduated in 1950 from the Alberta College of Art – then “Tech” – Calgary, Alberta, where she studied under the foremost Western Canadian landscape painter, Illingworth Kerr, who painted in the tradition of the Canadian Group of Seven. Kerr became a lifelong friend and mentor. Gertrude has worked to develop a style that is true to her Canadian roots.

In 1980 Gertrude obtained a degree in Environmental Design & Architecture. Since moving to Boise in 1983, Gertrude has designed and built her own home. She is quite passionate about building and considers architecture to be no more than three-dimensional art.

Beginning in 1999, Gertrude and her husband Jim began exploring Idaho to fulfill her desire to portray the diversity of her adopted state. These adventures resulted in a series of plein-air paintings, Idaho Narrative, featuring each of Idaho’s 44 counties.

Currently, Gertrude has been going back to the more abstracted and stylized way she painted in art school many years ago.

Founding Member, Plein Air Painters of Idaho
Member, Idaho Watercolor Society

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