Anne Watson Sorensen

Anne Sorensen_SELF_ China Li River 784x785“Anne’s paintings depict a duality between what is and what can be …
capturing movement between reality and possibility.” –Dr. Steve Allen

Canadian-born artist Anne E Watson Sorensen found her passion for painting ignited while living in Barcelona, Spain. Walking daily amongst the artistic masterpieces of virtuosos awakened and transformed her creative spirit. It fueled her desire to paint with purpose, power, and passion.

Over the past 20 years, Anne has studied across the USA with many master artists including Katherine Chang Liu, Cheng Khee Chee and Sterling Edwards. She continues to learn and work on perfecting her painting while exploring alternative mediums. Anne brings internationally renowned virtuosos to Boise for intensive study workshops. Anne also teaches private classes and workshops.

Anne is a well-recognized award-winning water media artist and has had many solo shows. She is the Idaho Delegate to the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies and also a Distinguished Merit Member of the Idaho Watercolor Society. Her artwork was selected by the City of Boise as the Boise City Council Chambers backdrop. To learn more about this artist, her work and shows, visit her Website Gallery at Studio visitors welcome by appointment.

While her subjects are universal, she excels in portraying the western landscape, cityscapes and florals. Anne’s technique includes a tradition of strong design with an emphasis on movement, brushwork, shape and color, with a pervasive sense of personal style. Her sensitive paintings lean toward impressionistic realism. Though most of Anne’s body of artwork is in watercolor, she also works in oil, acrylic, collage and inks.

Movement. Possibility. Watercolor.

“For me, the ability to paint utilizing movement, color, shape and light is the ability to create life. My artwork and I are continually “becoming”, and I thrive in the challenge to find new ways of thinking, seeing, painting and being. My artwork continues to evolve as I am fueled by the possibilities ahead.

I favor watercolor because it best mirrors and expresses my vision of what lies between the realm of reality and possibility. And like a teenager, it has a mind of its own.”

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